Jesus Christ Cornerstone

This is the outline of the book I want to write.

1) Preface: The vision is Jesus »

Is it possible to be a scientist and a Christian?

You do not need a PHD to discern that life has a Creator (Douglas Axe).

Prayer and worship are the most important activities of our lives

Jesus’ vision (talk transcript)

Video: ‘The vision is Jesus’ (words written on the wall of the first 24/7 prayer room)

2) Beginning with Jesus »

Love interrupts: the historical life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (talk transcript)

The question that is the key to the gospel: Who is Jesus? 

Video: The uniqueness and finality of Jesus Christ

3) Jesus Christ and culture »

Believing in Jesus is the way to know God and it is a way of life (talk transcript)

Video: Tim Keller answering Lesslie Newbigin

Lesslie Newbigin’s ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to Postliberal theology: the life of the local church (in word and action) is the hermeneutic of the gospel and the gospel is public truth 

How free are we to believe? John Lennox 

4) Christology and the theology of science »

One of us

Rowan Williams: Jesus Christ, heart of creation 

Tom McLeash: The Theology of Science

Science: integrity and contingency

The three ‘theological’ questions that are being sought by science (‘The origin of the universe’, ‘The origin of life’, ‘Are we more than matter?’)

5) Science: integrity and contingency »

John Lennox,has science buried God? 

Stephen Meyer tour de force The return of the God hypothesis 

Dr Ard Louis on intelligent design and theistic evolution 

Convergence? The hope for Christian apologetics as we have seen in evangelisation: what unites us is far greater than what divides us 

6) Jesus is Truth »

Stephen Meyer on epistemology 

Bruce Marshall: Trinity and Truth 

Luigi Gioia osb: the Theological Epistemology of St Augustine 

Love and Truth have a name and that name is Jesus 

7) Prayer and Miracles »

Why is God sometimes seem to be silent when we need him most and cry out in pain or despair? Why does God not always intervene to heal in answer to prayer or to prevent any suffering in this life? (talk transcript). Video: Tim Keller: how to deal with dark times

Nothing can separate us from God’s love (talk transcript)

Faith in the storm (talk transcript)

Expectancy (talk transcript)

8) Conclusion: Jesus Christ cornerstone