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My favourite film is Good Will Hunting. I watched it as I flew to Australia over the Himalayas on a cloudless starry night seeing lights from villages surrounded by a vast expanse of snow covered mountains. It was extraordinarily moving and it made the impact of this profoundly moving film all the more poignant to me. Here are my four favourite clips. Will (Matt Damon) is an orphan who keeps getting into fights because it is all he knows, but he is a prodigious self-taught mathematician who Sean (Robin Williams) is trying to help. Who would not want a mentor like him?

On authentic courageous humanity

On perfectionism

On regret

On shame

And my favourite clip from the whole film that moved me so much, as i thought back aged 23 at all the amazing friends that had already touched my life, is this one.

The sacrificial loyalty of a friend who hopes his best friend won’t be there when he goes to pick him up for work because it would mean that Will is becoming all he can be is amazing. It comes to pass at the end of the film.

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