I am so so so so so blessed by the prayers of family and friends who pray for me

I have realised in this journey from capacity to total dependency that I treasure the prayers more than anything in this life

Nicky and Imogen pray for me at bedtime and I know that Mum has me and our whole family continueslly in her thoughts and prayers. My Sarah has begun praying too which is so exciting and lovely.

I have a very dear friend who often holds me in prayer on his morning swim and another who I know fervently prays for me every day


  • Dear Pete, some time ago the lovely Jo Desmond told me that you had MND. I am so sorry to hear and have been praying for you. In the last week your name has come out of my prayer pot nearly every day. I have been praying God’s love, peace and joy for you even in your suffering and for your family. For his presence to be tangible where you are and touching all those around you. xx

    • thanks loads for all your help and support it means lots and lots more than iI am able to say sorry this is so inadequate p xx xx xx

      • Dear Pete I continue to pray and this morning I drew your name out of my prayer pot so took a bit more time. I remembered that Jesus promises he will never leave you nor forsake you. I asked him that his presence would be so strong in you and around you. That you would know more deeply his love for you. I had the words from Isaiah 61 – that you are an oak of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendour. I believe that that is who you are and that you display his love. I pray for his presence to absorb any darkness. I bless you Pete in Jesus name. You are beautiful.
        If you have specific things you would like me to pray – then let me know.
        Angela xx

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