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Gary : IT legend and Wimbledon AFC hero!

By 26 October 2019 September 26th, 2020 No Comments

There’s a lovely saying “the kindness of strangers“. I don’t know who originated the phrase but I met a man today who personifies it. Gary Fremantle kindly come to help me set up a refurbished iMac that arrived yesterday. He patiently waited outside for half an hour for my carer to arrive to let him in. He then set about transforming my iMac and iPad into a conversant whole in ways that I could not have imagined possible, all the while bearing with my complete ignorance. That may be part of the job but what touched me greatly was Gary’s compassion and kindness in thinking through my needs and not being phased by the fact I was stuck in bed and cannot speak. Then after helping me loads and loads for two hours, Gary told me that he didn’t want payment!! The kindness of strangers indeed. 

What is more Gary has been part of establishing Wimbledon AFC and told me of the exciting plans and construction of a new Plough Lane stadium. 

I feel so blessed to have met Gary, one of life’s beautiful people. 

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